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Jacqueline Roig

Jacqueline Roig

...is a clinical psychologist who lives and works in Chicago. She has always been an active advocate and participant of artistic expression of the human condition. Trained in the theories of the leaders in psychoanalysis and psychology, an informal student of surrealist art and prose, Dr. Roig incorporates the uncanny, the mystical, the familiar, the terrorized, the hidden, and the staunchly defended egos in us as socio-political human beings - she brings us face to face with our fears, our conflicts, our manipulations, our regressions.

As a visual artist, she devotes some of her creative efforts to making found object assemblage, which serves as a visual representation of her writing. She takes familiar objects and places them in nontraditional settings, inspiring the viewer to pause, reflect, back up, step closer, and delve.

As an author, Roig combined two of her most vivid means of expression, writing and dreaming, to begin the process of creating her first book, 'Nightsweats'. The front cover of her book 'Nightsweats' features an original art piece by Roig, titled 'les reves', or 'the dreams'.

Following is an excerpted review of her book, one of several inspired by her readers, included on the cover and inside the book itself:

" 'Nightsweats', like good perfume, is confined into a small container. It had to be so, because of its intensity. However, the effervescence of its sensuality manages to perforate the covers and go all over the place. It overwhelms the reader with waves of unconscious, subconscious, and whatever human sensations one can imagine. Certainly not for kids...a contemporary American fantastic realism: raw, unapologetic, and chaotic."

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